Aion Tech: A Deep Tech Company

In a world of microservices, cloud applications and distributed architectures, the quality and reliability of connections are the most important factors in development or integration success.

We deliver smart integration solutions to address the modern business challenges such as System Integration costs, Go to Market speed and IT risks.

Our Values


We apply the most up-to-date and best of breed technologies to deliver flexible and reliable tools for System Integration, ERP and CRM solutions, machine learning, and RPA. We specialize in open systems and cloud-based solutions


With over 15 years of expertise in IT services, software development for Small and Medium Enterprises, and IT Strategy for Financial Services, our team consists of some of the most competent and brightest specialists on the market

Simplifying Innovation

We design and deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions for the business. Our plug&play solutions simplify the integration of your IT systems, enabling you to focus on the growth of your business

Sustainable growth

Don’t waste money and time in uncontrolled system integration projects, be smart and choose plug&play solutions. Sustainability is one of our main goals: reduce time and costs of software lifecycle

Our Team

A team of talented IT experts with extensive experience in the technology and
system integration services for international large scale Finance Institutions,
Telco and SMEs.

Paolo Giannotti


+17 years in IT Strategy Consulting and Software Development

Davide Corio


+18 years in Software Development

Desislava Nakova

Head of Innovation & CX

+18 years in IT and Service Management

Fabrizio Anastasio

Head of CyberSEC & Infrastructures

+15 years in IT Consulting

Alessandro Lombardi

Head of Project Management

+15 years in IT Consulting

Paolo Gottardo

Head of AI & Machine Learning

+10 years in Software Development

Gabriele Baldessari

Senior Developer

+10 years in Software Development

Lorenzo De Feo

CyberSEC Senior Consultant

+15 years in Cyber Security

Simona Buccheri

Financial Accounting Senior Consultant

+20 years in Financial Accounting

Raffaele Ferraro


+8 years in IT Consulting

Luca Magnani

Senior Developer

+8 years in IT & e-commerce

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